Hi there! I’m a Sustainability Manager/Green Consultant for Film & Television. I am based in Cologne, Germany.

After my studies in NYC at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute i came back to Germany to work in the Film industry. I love NYC and i am still very connected to the most inspiring city in the World.

I am an Airbnb Super Host with an sustainable Concept behind it. A green Oasis in the center of the city.

I did work as well as a Set- Manager on fictional Projects as well as a 1.AD on different Film´s and commercials.

I started to consult Production Companys about a sustainable way of producing since 2021. When i started working in 2001 with my first Film on Set. I already regocnized a huge waste of Food as well as Resources.

In 2021 i was lucky enough to work on the Project Tatort Dortmund “Gier und Angst“ with the unafilm production company. Nommine of the Sustainable Award for the most sustainable Production in 2021/2022.

On Monday the 20 of June i got the price from our Sustainable Minister Steffi Lemke. It made me very proud earning the first sustainable Award, a really important price in times like these in a really big industry.